• Biogas torch

    Biogas torch

    Biogas, sewage accessory equipment.

     Quotation Items

    100 cubic meters premixed biogas Torch Set

    Operating Index :

    Methane combustion range : 100m3/h

    Methane moisture content :  ≤6%  

    Methane content : ≥35%-55% ( With methane content up to 55%, the torch burns up to 100m cubed per hour )

    Hydrogen sulfide content : ≤50ppm

    Mechanical impurities : ≤0.2%

    The main gas supply pipeline shall be no less than DN40 ( under the condition of pressure of 3kpa ).

  • Stirrer/Agitator


    Biogas, sewage accessory equipment. It is divided into tank wall agitator and tank top agitator. Different types and models are selected according to different needs. And the material and specific size are also different.

  • Positive and Negative Pressure Protector

    Positive and Negative Pressure Protector

    Specifications according to the actual situation custom, the material is divided into carbon steel and enamel.

  • Integrated Purified Equipment

    Integrated Purified Equipment

    It can be divided into enamel material and stainless steel material. For different biogas content and biogas output, different types are selected.

  • Clarifier Tank

    Clarifier Tank

    Clarifier tank, for waste water treatment, specific size requirements according to customer selection.

  • Municipal Sewage Treatment Tank

    Municipal Sewage Treatment Tank

    GFS tank, easy to install, can arbitrarily combine different sewage treatment areas, to achieve efficient sewage treatment effect, and treatment link fit.

  • Waste Treatment Tank

    Waste Treatment Tank

    GFS tank, can be divided into areas for sewage treatment, more convenient and flexible, more flexible design.

  • Chemical-storage Tank

    Chemical-storage Tank

    GFS tank has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used to store acid and alkali liquid in industrial plants. The enamel is sprayed on the surface of the steel plate, and then high sintering is carried out to make the surface of the steel plate corrosion-resistant. Enamel surface is smooth, glazed and sealed with special sealant, suitable for many different liquid storage purposes.

  • The group integration CSTR

    The group integration CSTR

    It is applied to large biogas production plants that need to be managed in different regions or separately, and it is more capable of centralized waste treatment and more specialized.

  • Industrial-Tank


    GFS tanks are widely used in industrial production water storage. It can carry many special water or liquid, such as brine, purified water, deionized water, salt water, softened water, RO water, deionized water and ultra pure water.

  • Drinking Water Supplied Tank

    Drinking Water Supplied Tank

    In strict accordance with the content of the international food safety standards coated steel plates, the specific obtained certificates and patents can be viewed in the relevant page.

  • Fire Water Tank

    Fire Water Tank

    Application in fire water storage, fire business construction, according to local requirements and specifications to choose.

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