Biogas Project

  • Integration CSTR

    Integration CSTR

    Most of them are used in small farms (about 10000-20000 livestock) and independently operated agricultural product and by product processing enterprises.

  • Separation CSTR

    Separation CSTR

    For farm enterprises and farmers , Separation CSTR is the best choice, with the advantages and convenience of operation.

  • The group integration CSTR

    The group integration CSTR

    It is applied to large biogas production plants that need to be managed in different regions or separately, and it is more capable of centralized waste treatment and more specialized.

  • Floating gas storage tank

    Floating gas storage tank

    It is often used for equipment with large changes in raw materials. Please contact us if you have any requirements.

  • Independent GFS tank

    Independent GFS tank

    Glass fused to steel tank be widely used in food and drinking water storage, sewage treatment, biogas engineering, dry beans material storage, petrochemical and other industries.