Biogas torch

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Biogas, sewage accessory equipment.

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100 cubic meters premixed biogas Torch Set

Operating Index :

Methane combustion range : 100m3/h

Methane moisture content :  ≤6%  

Methane content : ≥35%-55% ( With methane content up to 55%, the torch burns up to 100m cubed per hour )

Hydrogen sulfide content : ≤50ppm

Mechanical impurities : ≤0.2%

The main gas supply pipeline shall be no less than DN40 ( under the condition of pressure of 3kpa ).

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Ⅰ、Basic Parameters of Biogas Torch

Biogas flow : 100m3/h           QTY : 1 set

Combustion system : Premixed combustion

Main material : SUS304 stainless steel, combustion chamber uses 310S

Working pressure : 3-5kpa        Connection pipe : DN50

Ambient temperature : 0℃-50℃

Automatic control mode : biogas pressure automatic control, manual control

Ⅱ、Description of Mechanical Premixed Torch:

Torch main body

1.1、The shell of torch body is made of 304 stainless steel.

1.2、Flame-supporting fan is installed on the base of the torch, which can support the combustion of biogas. The burnout rate of biogas is lower than that of the ejector and closed torch, and the biogas can not be discharged by 100% combustion.

1.3、Mechanical premixed for the traditional biogas torch, because of the limited combustion space, torch combustion may appear red and black phenomenon, the phenomenon is normal, does not affect the normal use of the torch.

1.4、Torch ignition pressure control range is 3-5kpa, lower than the cargo higher pressure direction can not ignition combustion, for pressure control has limitations, it is recommended to equip roots pressurized fan, constant pressure and stable pressure transmission of methane.

Premixed Biogas Torch Configuration Table

NO. Name DIM. QTY Specs.
1 Torch main body Total height:3300mm 1 Carbon steel
2 Combustion chamber Φ377mm 1 Stainless steel
3 Burner  100m³/h 1 heat-resistance stainless steel
4 Pressure transmitter   1 Made in China
5 Ignition transformer Ignition according to pressure 1 Made in China
6 Solenoid valve DN50 1  
7 Combustion fan Facility 1 Made in China
8 Flame detection Ion probe 1 Made in China
9 Control system Siemens program control 1 Made in Germany
10 Pipe flame arrester DN50 1 Stainless steel
11 Biogas Manual Valve DN50 1 Stainless steel
12 Electric control panel  Rain-proof 1 Made in China
13 Control circuit Facility 1 Made in China
14 Pressure gauge 0-16KPA 1 Stainless steel
15 Flare drain valve Condensate discharge 1 Stainless steel
16 Torch waterproof cap   1 Stainless steel
17 Others Cablesbolts etc. 1 sets

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