Glass Fused To Steel Bolted Tank Instruction

Glass Fused To Steel Bolted Tank Instruction


Technological Process of Production

The enamel assembled tank produced by our company is made of special titanium alloy steel plate, sealing materials, special materials such as self-locking bolt , long service life up to 30+ years .


Titanium alloy special steel after pretreatment, on the inner and outer surfaces is coated with two or three layers of inorganic glass paint. After high temperature sintering, between coating and steel plate is formed a new type of composite material. With strong binding force, this new type of composited protective layers not only prevents the corrosion of the tank, but also against strong acid, strong alkali and abrasion.


The strength of titanium alloy steel plate is twice of ordinary steel plate.  First paint surface glaze and ground glaze on both sides of 3mm-12mm thick steel plate, and heat the plate with 900℃; the 0.3mm enamel film is created. Enamel coating not only prevents the tank plate corrosion, but also has the resistance to acid, alkali and with extremely strong abrasion resistance.  The plates are over-lapped, and self-locking bolts, special sealing constructions meet the requirements of fast installation.


The system could afford high pressure up to 5kpa. The enamel tank could be integrated with safe PVC film to a system, to create biogas and store biogas. We can design and make different sizes of enamel tanks, from 80-10000m³ according to client’s requirements.


The enamel tanks are widely used for storage in the industries of drinking material storage oilairliquid and solid etc.




GFS TANK can be used to store all kinds of waste water, liquid and solid materials. It can provide users with an effective and practical way to store or process or transport various fluid-type solids.


The GFS TANK can be used to store the following items: asbestos, bone meal, blood meal, bone meal, calcium chloride, toner, down products, fish food, meat, malt, milk powder, cement, feed, cereal, sodium chloride , Carbonates, sodium sulfate, wood flour, compressed potato chips, wood, soapy water, wood chips, salt, dried fruit, cocoa powder, soybean meal, etc., enamel can also be used as a variety of corrosive Liquid storage tank.


GFS TANK can be used for the following purposes:

Drinking water containers, waste water containers, static filters, digesters, mixing tanks, bioreactors, neutralization reaction vessels, waste sedimentation tanks, intermediate process tanks, sedimentation tanks, sludge storage tanks, sludge receivers, multilayer filters, Fermentation tanks, mixing and sedimentation tanks, filtrate receiving tanks, pools and the like. Assembly tanks and storage tanks have been established in the industrial and domestic sewage treatment plants to establish a credible image.


GFS TANK can be used for any sewage treatment works to provide various types of sewage containers, including:

- Combination container

- Sludge collection pool and replacement pool

–Sedimentation tank

- SBR unit

- Anaerobic UASB.

–Regulation pool

GFS Panels Physical Property

Category Specifications
The coating color Standard is dark green, or customized
The thickness of coating 0.25-0.40mmm
Resistance to acid and alkali performance Standard coating to adapt to the range of pH311
The special coating to adapt to the range of pH114
Adhesion 3450 N/cm
Elastic The same with steel plate, about 500 KN/mm
Hardness 6.0 Mohs. hardness
The service life 30 years or more
Spark test 1500V
Permeability Gas and liquid can’t penetrate
Easy to clean Smooth, inert, luster, adhesion resistance
Resistance to corrosion Very good, suitable for wastewater and strong brine, sea water, high sulfur crude oil, salt fog, organic and inorganic compounds, etc

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